Shiitake Mushroom in Chinese cabbage soup

Have you ever bought an ingredient  because it looked interesting and had no clue what to do with it?

Yeah! The Shiitake mushrooms was that for me. I went shopping couple of weeks ago and found the mushrooms pretty fascinating, I had never seen dried mushrooms or probably never paid attention to it.

So, finally I decided to put it to use with this super filling soup.


  • Yield: 4 cup
  • Course or type: appetizer
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Cooking Time: 45


5 Shiitake mushroom
1 Chinese Cabbage medium size
1 Capsicum
1 Carrot
1 inch Ginger
1/2 inch Cinnamon
1 pinch Star anise
1 Tablespoon Oil
to taste Salt
to taste Pepper


  1. Cut the cabbage, carrot, and capsicum into large chunks, and cook them with salt.
  2. While the vegetables cook, put the Shiitake mushrooms in hot water and let them rehydrate for about 30-45 minutes. After that squeeze out the extra water, remove the stem and cut them up into thin strips.
  3. Once the vegetables are cooked, drain the water and let it cool. Save the water for later. Once the vegetables are cool blend them into a fine mixture.
  4. Take a large pot and heat it up. Add the oil, cinnamon and star anise and saute. Then add the blended mixture to it and add water and stir.
  5. Add pepper,  mushrooms and grated ginger and let it simmer for 10 minutes. Serve  Hot!

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